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Global Education


Jonathan Bratt, Garrett Laroy Johnson, Nat Mengist (University of Washington), Celina Osuna, Angela Sakrison, Zachary Thomas, Emmidio Vasquez


Posthuman Network (PHuN)

A collective of graduate students sponsored by the Center for Philosophical Technologies.

The Posthuman Network (PhuN) is a collective of graduate students sponsored by the CPT. PhuN engages streams of posthumanist thought and practice and seeks to move beyond anthropocentrism in the academy and in society. PhuN participants come from a number of disciplines— including Arts Media and Engineering, Geography, Literature, and Design— as well as from universities across North America. Since 2016, PhuN has hosted conference/symposium every year.


(Past Events)
• PHuN Symposium 2019: Cybernetics and its Legacies, February 14-16, 2019
Keynotes: Thierry Bardini (University of Montréal), Phillip Thurtle (University of Washington), Sha Xin Wei (ASU)


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