Ontogenetics Process Group (OPG)

This research group is animated by the growing consensus in the sciences and the humanities that the living world in all its modes—biological, semiotic, economic, affective, social, etc.—escapes finite schema of description.

Based on a deep and sustained engagement with biological, physical, and computational sciences, operating in conjunction with anthropological, philosophical, and artistic modes of inquiry, the researchers believe that the reigning paradigms of complexity science cannot adequately capture the processual and emergent unfolding of the living world. Rather than building a new cage to trap these multiple and entangled species of process and emergence, we’re feeling our way toward an unnamed scienza nuova that traverses a wide range of practices sharing certain features: non-reductiveness, extra-algorithmic experience, non-probabilistic randomness, and processuality. In this spirit, we aim to develop experimental conceptual frames that exceed complexity and that can be marshaled to have a profound and lasting impact on how we engage problems in areas as diverse as biotechnology, economics, law, medicine, religion and spirituality, urban development, biotechnology, surveillance and security.

Ontogenesis Beyond Complexity
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