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Global Education


Stephen Loo, Duncan Fairfax, Mike Waller, Adam Nocek, Stacey Moran, Oliver Feltham, Barbara Formis


Laboratory for Expanded Design (LxD)

The LxD is a teaching and research initiative that draws on the expertise of international design researchers to pilot summer schools and research projects.

The LxD strives to bridge the fields of design, philosophy, and performance in experimental modules that propose critical and speculative interventions into world-facing problems. Since 2015, the LxD has run summer schools in Paris, Sydney, and Amsterdam. For more information contact: or


(Upcoming Events)
• Summer 2019: Amsterdam, Theme: Decolonial Urban Praxis
• Winter 2019: Sydney, Theme: Post-Human by Design


(Global Studios)

Summer 2015, Paris.
Theme: The Ontology of the Prototype


Summer 2016, Paris
Theme: Migration


Summer 2017, Paris
Theme: Expertise


Summer 2018, London-Paris
Theme: Sustainism


Winter 2019, Sydney
Theme: Post-Human by Design


Summer 2019, Amsterdam
Theme: Decolonial Urban Praxis


For more info contact or

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