Dust and Shadow

This collaborative project brings together scholars, artists, and designers to reimagine how the mythic and ritualistic past of the desert southwest might be inherited and reinvigorated to intervene in how humans and nonhumans dwell in the rapidly urbanizing desert. Working with Maja Kuzmonovic and Nik Gaffney (founders of FoAM, Brussels), The Museum of Walking, GIOS, the Desert Humanities Center, and the Institute for Humanities Research, researchers design rituals for urban-desert attunement that forge new possibilities for living in uncertain times.


(Events and Activities)

Spring 2017 (May/June): fieldtrip 1, observations, questions, travelogue, etc.


Summer 2017 (July/August): articulating research questions , literature research, mapping, etc.


Fall 2017 (November/December): fieldtrip 2 , FoAM presentation/talk at LCT & Synthesis, experimental workshop, formulating experiments , planning publications;


Spring 2018: prototyping and experiments (first iteration): thalient lab, D&S walk , reader 1, equinox eve prototype


Spring/Summer 2019: reader 2


Fall 2019: Installation, ASU library


1 — 31