Research Track

Pedagogical (Technologies)


Designing the Pluriversity

Inspired by Arturo Escobar’s approach in Designs for the Pluriverse, this collaborative project responds to interwoven crises (racism, sexism, neoliberalism, Eurocentrism) brought about by the hegemonic designing of the Western university. The pluriverse is defined as a world where many worlds fit, a world where the process of knowledge production is open to epistemic and ontological diversity, a world that transcends disciplinary divisions, abandons the notion of universal knowledge for humanity, and embraces instead a horizontal strategy of openness to dialogue with different epistemic traditions. Designing the Pluriversity invites scholars, artists, and practitioners to experiment and loosen our attachments to the university, promote its ungrounding, and strengthen pluriversality, thus paving the way for the emergence of the Pluriversity.


Check Designing the Pluriversity’s website here.