Research Track

Urban (Technologies)


Ploy Yamtree, Michael Hornblow, Stacey Moran, Adam Nocek


A collaboration with Open Space Studio, Thammasat University, and the Nang Loeng community in Bangkok, Thailand that brings together the practices of community architecture and urban infrastructure design to co-create spaces of collective and social activation. Project Under Development in 2019.


Bangkok, Thailand


Acupunctural Urbanism

The CPT is collaborating with the Nang Lerng community, the Openspace Collective, and other stakeholders in Bangkok, Thailand (and throughout Australasia) to make local design interventions that facilitate collective and social autonomy across urban environments. In particular, CPT researchers are working with techniques drawn from tactical urbanism and collective architecture to enable food security and economic self-sustainment in Bangkok communities facing new forms of political, economic, and environmental pressure.

The Local Studio was the first part of the 2019 Buffalo Field Art and Performance Festival. The four-day studio connected academics and design researchers from Thailand, Australia and the United States with the local community in Nang Lerng, and served to anchor the Festival in three research themes: Sustenance, Settlement, and Social Fabric. Each theme served as a starting point for design propositions that addressed questions essential to the community: food security and urban agriculture; gentrification, restoration, and adaptation; as well as local expertise, community memory, and inclusion.



1 — 8