October, 26 at 5pm

Lucas Gasselstraat 2a
5613 LB Eindhoven
The Netherlands

Conny Groenewegen, Maurizio Montalti, Adam Nocek, and Stacey Moran.

Discussion Panel

Unfolding Fashion Tech / Fashion, Tech, Philosophy

With all their different operating systems, how can we share and exchange knowledge, skills and production means between fashion, technology and philosophy? And if we are aiming to thrive – both as humans and as makers – how can we do so responsibly? Together with Marina Toeters, Stacey Moran, Adam Nocek, Maurizio Montalti and Conny Groenewegen (NON+ collective) we will delve into these and other questions during the Fashion, Tech, Philosophy talk/discussion.


In her book Unfolding Fashion Tech: Pioneers of Bright Futures Marina Toeters (fashion tech designer) selected an overview of fifty pioneering fashion tech projects realized over the past twenty years. Eight short theoretical and practical articles complement these projects and puts the global fashion tech scene in perspective. Written by various professionals from the field of technology, fashion and academia, the articles contain up-to-date information that will allow the reader to meet or catch up with the field.


How do we – as a society – deal with the effortless production and impossible destruction of plastic material? What role can we (still) play in the fabrication of our existence? International partnership/collective NON+ delves into these and other questions in their installation Pandora’s Box #2. The installation shows the complex, intricate, problematic and intimate relationship we have with polyester fleece as a material and invites visitors to philosophically reflect on the material and its unforeseen consequences.

Together we will discuss the various ways of making, thinking, and working through and with (fashion) design and we will explore how to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and thought within these diverse yet interconnected practices.

Both Marina Toeters and the NON+ collective will present their work at Onomatopee during Dutch Design Week.