(Special Guest)
Frida Beckman 

(Roundtable Participants)
Adam Nocek
Ron Broglio
Cala Coats
Kevin McHugh

November 6, 2019

Ross-Blakley Hall 196 (RBHL196)
1102 S McAllister Ave Tempe

The closest parking options are the visitor parking in Lot 44 and the Rural Road parking structure.


Discussion Panel

Deleuze Today

Gilles Deleuze has transformed a broad range of academic fields. Where has Deleuze studies today and what are its frontiers? Join us for this conversation.

Scholar and biographer of Deleuze, Frida Beckman will give a talk on “The Concept of the Concept” followed by ASU faculty providing remarks on select Deleuze concepts ranging from rhizomes to becoming-animal and beyond. The gathering will provide ample time for audience participation and conversation.



(Practical Info)
• Getting your ticket: Join Frida Beckman for her talk, “The Concept of the Concept”.
• No previous experience with Deleuze’s work is necessary; this event is open to entry-level curious minds.