Conny Groenewegen, Maurizio Montalti, Adam Nocek, and Stacey Moran.

May 19– Sept 15, 2019

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Het Nieuwe Instituut
Museumpark 25
3015CB Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Pandora’s Box installation

Pandora’s Box” is an installment of the Synthetic Times series: a collaborative and iterative design project that critiques and reimagines human and nonhuman time in relation to modern and future technologies. The installation in Het Nieuwe Instituut is a collaborative and iterative project conceived by Conny Groenewegen (fashion designer and material researcher), Maurizio Montalti (design researcher and hybrid designer), Adam Nocek (philosopher and design researcher), and Stacey Moran (feminist philosopher and writer).


Previously, Groenewegen presented the installation of Fashion Machine in the Temporary Fashion Museum. Montalti previously presented and curated the Biotopia section of Dissident Gardens at Het Nieuwe Instituut.


The installation critiques and reimagines human and nonhuman timescales in relation to past and future technologies. In its current iteration, Synthetic Times invites the participant to “open Pandora’s Box” in order to discover a mixture of complex temporalities and mythologies that evoke fascination, wonder, dread, and hope.


Neuhaus. Philosophies from Het Nieuwe Instituut on Vimeo.

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