“Oceanfront Property”, 3-Channel Video  is a part of an exhibition at Project Space at Combine Studios in Phoenix, US

Jan 4 – Febr 24, 2017

Combine Studios
821 N 3rd St, Phoenix
AZ 85004, United States

Adam Nocek, Ron Broglio, Gabriella Isaac


Oceanfront Property

There is a line from a George Straight song that goes, “I got some ocean front property in Arizona/From my front porch you can see the sea.” This video installation takes these humorous lines seriously and asks what would happen if Arizona did have a shoreline, as climate scientists predict will happen 500 to 1,000 years from now? Invest in this distant future now and get this (eventual) beachfront property at great prices! The video reminds us of how deeply anthropocentric it is to think that humans would still be here and functioning in a capitalist system to profit from global warming. The images are punctuated with quotations taken from sources on speculative real estate, financial capitalism, neoliberal theory, and critical and cultural theory to showcase how the lens of profit is capable of coloring our perception of even the most devastating climate events.