April 4– June 24, 2019

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OBA Oosterdok Expo Hall
Oosterdokskade 143,
1011DL Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Designer Conny Groenewegen develops knitted materials for clothing collections and spatial applications. In addition to the ability to create, to develop materials, as a designer she also wants to develop the ability to break down materials, to ‘design away’ materials. Fashion Machine is a project with which she tries to understand how such processes work.


Fashion Machine and the temptation of plastic clothing

Plastic is becoming a bigger problem because it does not end and slowly takes over our world. Even our wardrobe!
Don’t you have such a fantastic fleece onesie in your closet? Such a soft suit that you can relax on on the couch? Or such a great fleece sweater that you put on when you go hiking? It is super warm, dries quickly and is as light as a feather, it feels like you are wearing nothing. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, fleece is not exactly the promise with which it was once marketed as an ‘eco-solution’. The transformation of plastic bottles (or actually: PET) into yarns and then clothing is promoted as a solution to the plastic waste problem. In reality it is a surrogate solution because the garments contribute to the (invisible to many people) waste chain of the fashion industry; via overproduction, residual batches, discarded items and the thousands of microplastics that are released during washing.

Come and knit with (your own) old fleece sweater!
You become part of this production process yourself during the exhibition at OBA Oosterdok. We are going to knit with your old fleece sweater. Fleece is discarded on a massive scale and is the least popular at collection centers for discarded clothing. It often ends up in the incinerator before it is even worn. Could we solve the plastic problem in fashion together with the Fashion Machine? Drop by!