February 1  –  May 24,  2020

Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art

Dutch Invertuals
Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art



Dutch Invertuals is a daring design collective that inspires change in the world at large. For 10 years, the collective has been providing emerging and established designers with a platform to develop outstanding ideas, without constraints or expectations but with unbridled creativity and ultimate freedom. Since its inception, the ever-growing circle of designers inspires audiences with their unusual ways of thinking and making, asking critical questions to the world and society. “Moving forward, our focus will remain on an exploration of new futures to constantly reinvent ourselves and explore new fields of design”. –Wendy Plomp, founder/art director of Dutch Invertuals.


Design Transfigured

“Design Transfigured / Waste Reimagined” recognizes a fresh approach to addressing the current state of our depleted and polluted environment; an extreme and inventive kind of upcycling. In a religious context, transfiguration is “a complete change of form or appearance into a more beautiful or spiritual state.” Waste is overtaking natural resources, but these 30 pioneering international designers and studios—from Asia, Latin America, and Europe—consider it a resource to reclaim and fully refigure into useful products, providing a new direction in design. They effect radical transformations: from building materials to home furnishings and fashion accessories, their newly developed designs are made from polluted air, land, and water; from the by-products of manufacturing, mining, agriculture, and aquaculture; from food and human waste. This installation is part of exhibition series programs,  presented in collaboration with the Dutch Invertuals and CPT.

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