Stephen Loo

(Techniques Speaker Series)

November 15, 2019

Doors Open at 5:00 pm
Talk at 6:00 pm

Social Hall, Tempe, AZ


Prof Stephen Loo
Interdisciplinary Professor of Design
UNSW Sydney

For more than 25 years, Professor Stephen Loo has researched, taught and practiced in the transdisciplinary nexus of design, philosophy, art, performance and science. He has published widely in architecture and design theory, biophilosophy, posthumanist ethics, ecological humanities and experimental computational and digital thinking. Recent books include Deleuze and Architecture (ed. with Helene Frichot 2012) and Poetic Biopolitics (ed. with Peg Rawes and Tim Mathews 2016) and is currently working on Speculative Ethologies (with Dr Undine Sellbach) on the relationship between entomology, psychoanalysis and ethics. Stephen is a founding partner of award-winning design, architecture, interpretation and exhibition practice Mulloway Studio, whose projects have featured in the Venice Biennale in 2008 and 2014. He has a performance-philosophy based art practice and has shown internationally in Paris, Berlin, London, Sydney and Adelaide, and is part of an international collective, The Food Project.


Animation, or the careful whispers of eating between life and death

Careful Whispers (Melbourne, 2019) is an orchestral noise-scape of a performative banquet for six that triggers the human autonomous meridian sensory response (ASMR), blurring the lines between sound aesthetics and the conduct of everyday life. The work can be conceived as the auto-regulation of individual diners in a socio-institutional environment as they are co-constituted between the anima of food and the animality of nourishment. Animation is defined here as unstable sensory engagement that produces a radical space-time matrix which is vibrational; enhancing or decreasing our capacities for full agency and potential in the world, based on the choices made in relation to what we masticate and ingest: a biopolitics that is a coming into relation of the gap between a mediated death and an ersatz life.