Faculty and Graduate Fellowships

( ) ( The CPT offers small seed grants to faculty and graduate students who want to pursue research related to the center’s practice. As a fellow, you are member of a vibrant research community and have access to all CPT facilities and working groups. Fellows are expected to participate in biweekly meetings and present their work once each semester. ( ) (

Faculty Fellows

Grisha ColemanAssociate Professor, Arts, Media and Engineering, ASUShow MoreClose

Grishia is using her fellowship to help support the 6th International Movement and Computing Conference that she is hosting at ASU: moco19.movementcomputing.org

David TinappleAssociate Professor, Arts, Media and Engineering, ASUShow MoreClose

In his fellowship David will work with CPT to design and build an interactive installation as an exploration of the feedback loops that takes place when human-machine systems are asked to monitor and limit themselves. This work will be part of a larger exploration of new emerging possibilities in the design of democratic mechanisms.

Graduate Fellows

Garrett Johnson(Project) CryptocurrencyShow MoreClose

itit {inc} speculative engineering & experimental media

Idiotic Resonances: Uncanny Valley of the Sun

ITITIT{inc} is a nascent transdisciplinary and experimental, cooperative para-academic corporation representing the world’s first self-described speculative engineering firm. ITITIT’s projects span areas of speculative engineering and research including posthumanist media ecologies, crypto- and process-driven (ontopunk) alternative economics, post-scarcity labor and modes of publicking, inflected through para-institutional learning and education.

Comprised of (para-), (non-), and academics, ITITIT boasts a corporate membrane which allows it to maintain legal personhood both within and without the university. We believe the graduate student cohort as a corporation is one of the more exciting experimental outcomes of the acceleration of neoliberal professionalization in academia. (No nomads allowed! Idiots only!)
Yes anding the university since 2017.

ITITITinc. Projects include:
• ITITIT{cosa} // Community Organization Socio(technical)economic (an)Architecture (Phoenix)

• DMWG (Deep Media Working Group) // experimental art and think tank (Phoenix, Chicago, Portland, New York)

• ITITIT{school} // summer program for university students working in experimental media (Phoenix, Chicago)

• ITITIT{pub} // a speculative publicking operation experimenting in book printing. Forthcoming publications

• a booklet series A Prehistory of Speculative Engineering (titles from Jon Bratt, Angela Sakrison, and C.N.D. Choprah a co-written collection Haunted by Cybernetics in collaboration with PHuN (PostHuman Network)

• d3Ep|dvb // generative adversarial network (GAN) research on audio-rate corpuses (Phoenix, San Francisco)

• ititit{offworld} // federated banking satellites (Phoenix, Chicago, in orbit)


Emiddio Vasquez(Project) Fluidic ComputingShow MoreClose
Jonathan Bratt(Project) Responsive Media EnvironmentShow MoreClose

Project comprises the design and display of a responsive media environment in which visitors poetically enact socioaesthetic qualities of urban public places. The environment is being created in collaboration with fellow CPT fellow Garrett Johnson and other media engineers at ASU’s Synthesis Center. We are designing the environment using Synthesis’ Ozone media system, which allows visitors to a space to modulate ambient qualities such as sound and light by continuously sensing and analyzing their movement through the space. The environment uses field recordings of busy public places in Tianjin, China, as a raw material which visitors can compose into ambient sounds through walking and gesturing. The environment not only catalyzes immersive sensory experiences of Tianjin’s public life, but also allows visitors to co-create those experiences, drawing attention to the imbrication of activity and sensation in dense social spaces. The project gestures toward potential for geographers to draw on developing media arts technology and knowhow for research-creation and public engagement.