Guests: Nik Gaffney and Maja Kuzmanovic (FoAM)
Hosts: Ron Broglio, Adam Nocek, Stacey Moran, Sha Xin Wei (ASU)

Planned Publications


Fall 2017: Fieldtrip #2

“[T]he importance of propositions is not limited to matters of truth and falsity. Language is used to evoke attention to features of the world that another person may be missing. Perhaps someone wants me to look up at a branch in a nearby tree. She has propositional feelings of a rare bird being there. Her interest may be in my entertaining the same proposition, but the most effective method may be just to point with a certain expression on her face, or to say “look quick” with some excitement. These gestures may lead to the result better than the sober statement that there is a rare bird there”. – Giorgias Romero